We all need to transfer files or photos from PC to iPhone at some point in time. Hence you should know the methods that can help you transfer data and photos from PC to iPhone.

Use iCloud to Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone 

If you wish to send photos from your PC to the iPhone without using any wireless medium, iCloud is the option. Using iCloud helps you sync photos to the device in 2 different ways.

With iCloud installed on Windows PC, you can quickly transfer the photos from the computer to the iPhone through the iCloud Photo Library. It would help if you turned this option ON, and you are all set to upload photos from your PC to iCloud, and photos saved in iCloud can be easily synchronized to your iPhone after connecting to WiFi.

Follow the steps given below

  • Navigate to – Settings > your name>iCloud on the iPhone 
  • Now, scroll down to select – “Photos” and then toggle – “iCloud Photo Library”.
  • Now, on your PC open – iCloud for Windows
  • Next, click on – “Options” alongside Photos and then enable- “iCloud Photo Library.”
  • Ensure this option is turned ON – “Upload new photos and videos from my PC.” 
  • Now, tap – “Change” below this option to select the folder containing photos you wish to move from computer to your iPhone

Use iTunes to transfer photos from your PC to iPhone 

The default method to copy pictures from PC to any iOS device is done through iTunes. Many users rely on iTunes to transfer videos, pictures, or files because synchronization files to any iOS device can result in current photos, videos, files, etc.
Let us understand the method to import photos from computer to iPhone using iTunes

  • Attach the iPhone to your PC using a USB cable. Now, run iTunes if the process doesn’t take place automatically
  • Next, click the tab- “Device” and choose – “Photos”.
  • Now, check – “Sync Photos” and then select all the photos you wish to move using the option – “Copy photos from”.
  • Now, click – Apply to initiate the process of syncing photos from PC to iPhone. 

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