Safari is the browser that we get as default one with iPhone, Mac, and iPad. 
Well, bookmarks form the vital part of your browser, and saving bookmarks help you remember your favorite sites.
The history of bookmarks doesn’t synchronize with the virtual drive on its own. Hence many people lose their bookmarks and are not able to retrieve it.
All you need to do is to enable iCloud on your Smartphone as it helps synch all the bookmarks you saved on your phone. 
Once you use iCloud to sync the bookmarks, they can be easily accessed on your iPhone, Mac, and iPad
It means even if the bookmarks are erased from the Safari browser, you can get them back via iCloud.

Let us learn the process to restore lost Safari bookmarks with the help of iCloud

On every device, iCloud is readily available to be utilized for backup. Once you enable iCloud, you can store and restore the backup. In case the iCloud backup is not activated on your phone, then it is not possible to retrieve the lost data on safari

  • To use iCloud to restore data, open the website on Mac, iPad, or desktop. Remember, it will not expand on your iPhone. Just Sign in and type in your email id and password and then tap on the right arrow to open- iCloud.
  • Now, head to – Settings, which can be done by tapping while you open iCloud’s homepage.
icloud settings
  • Next, on the section – Advanced Section, tap- “Restore Bookmarks” to use the feature.
  • Now, in the division – Restore Bookmarks, you will see a message that appears where it shows all the safari bookmarks you saved earlier. Now, in that section, you can see bookmarks sorted out date wise. Now, from here mark the bookmarks you wish to restore, and in case you want them all, tap – “Select All” and then click – “Restore” to start the restoration process.
  • In case the bookmarks to be restored are in plenty, it will take a while to restore. Once the restore process is over, tap the icon – Done to stop the process.

The above method will help you get back all your bookmarks stored through iCloud.

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