If you possess Playstation 4, then you are fortunate to use your iPhone/iPad to enjoy playing your favorite PS4 games with the help of this incredible feature, Remote Play.
If you haven’t tried using Remote Play, then you can do it now. It would help if you had an iPhone 7 or 6th generation iPad.
This article will teach you about setting up PS4 to play your most liked game on the iPhone with the help of Remote Play.
Much before you head to the process you need to check if you have some prerequisites and they are
PS4 & iOS device connected to a similar Wi-Fi network. 
Playstation 4 should have 6.50 or later firmware running 
Install the PS4 Remote Play App via App Store.

Now follow the steps below to setup PS4 and play your favorite game on iPhone. 

  • On the PS4 home screen, in case you are using the controller for scrolling little towards right, you can see an icon “briefcase.” Just click it to head to – Settings.
  • Through this menu, scroll down a little and then click on “System Software Update.” It will display the newest firmware if you have updated else will ask to update.
  • Next, from the Settings menu, you can see the section – Remote Play when you scroll down a little ahead. Just click – “Remote Play Connection Settings.”
  • Now, ensure you marked the box beside “Enable Remote Play” and click – “Add Device” positioned below it
  • Your PS4 will show an eight-digit code that you need to enter in the PS4 Remote Play app which you downloaded via App Store.
  • Now, open – PS4 Remote Play app via home screen of iPhone 
  • Now, to start the setup tap – “Start.” Here, you will be prompted to sign in to your PlayStation Network account if you are not signed in 
  • Next, the app starts looking for PS4 attached to the similar Wi-Fi network as that of your iPhone. In case it is taking time, then tap – “Register Manually” found at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Now, you can type in manually the eight-digit code shown on your PS4. Tap – “Register” after entering the code.

Here the app will take a couple of seconds to connect to the PS4. You can now manage your PS4 using touch controls available on-screen
Finally, you have to change to landscape orientation and then utilize on-screen touch controls to start playing the games you like .